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0. Introduction
Introducing Shaaare

0. Introduction

Cameras have become an integral part of our lives today, with people capturing and sharing something every day. Often, this inadvertently turns into advertising, whether it's a clothing brand, a skincare product, or a new bar. However, regular users don't receive anything in return for this. Only major influencers have the opportunity to monetize their efforts.

Traditional social media platforms have perpetuated an environment where a select few influencers reap financial benefits for promoting brands, while everyday consumers, who are often the most loyal to these brands, receive no such rewards.

Think about it: if you buy a Starbucks coffee and share a photo of it on your social media, you're essentially providing free advertising for the brand, yet you get nothing in return.

What's fascinating is that this isn't an oversight; it's a technological limitation. In our conversations with leading marketing agencies, we've learned that the issue stems from the inefficiencies of reaching out to smaller content creators.

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A new phenomenon, known as User-Generated Content (UGC), involves ordinary people—regardless of the size of their social following—creating content about a brand. You don't even need a massive following to contribute valuable UGC; even an individual posting a casual photo can make an impact.

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However, even today, a brand needing to create UGC has to go through a difficult process and several intermediaries: the content creator, an agency, a content reviewer… This means a lot of time lost and several actors taking a share in the money supplied by the brand.

To tackle these challenges, we developed Shaaare, a web3-based social network designed to democratize the UGC space.

On Shaaare, brands can effortlessly purchase user-generated content, allowing them to re-use these contents in Ads. In return, users are compensated with free products, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Technologically, Shaaare is no slouch. Our platform leverages an advanced stack of technologies, from blockchain to artificial intelligence. We are especially proud of our pioneering contributions to both fields.

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CES 2023, Las Vegas, USA

Shaaare, a revolutionary platform, was developed by our team with a mission to democratize and enhance the user experience in the blockchain sector. Our team has been actively contributing to the Web3 domain since 2019, striving to set new benchmarks in innovation and user engagement. We are proud to have achieved the prestigious status of a 'Young Innovative Company' in France, a distinction that underscores our commitment to pioneering solutions in the industry. This accolade is highly exclusive, with only about 4,000 companies across France being recognized for their innovative contributions.

Our dedication to innovation has enabled us to introduce groundbreaking features, such as the ability to create NFTs with just one click. This feature was unveiled live to an audience of 100,000 people at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, showcasing our ability to lead and innovate. Furthermore, we have successfully adapted Meta-Transactions based on the Ethereum Blockchain's ERC-712 standard in the Polygon Blockchain, enhancing the user experience significantly.

The launch of Shaaare represents a major milestone in bridging the gap between everyday social media users and the blockchain world. It empowers individuals to be acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions to brand promotion, changing the dynamics of user-generated content. Shaaare fosters a more inclusive and equitable digital economy, where every shared moment and captured image becomes a potential engagement opportunity with brands. This initiative is not merely a technological breakthrough; it's a movement towards a more democratized and rewarding digital experience for everyone.