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4. Brand-Tokens
Introducing Shaaare

4. Brand-Tokens

Brand-Tokens serve as a revolutionary innovation within Shaaare's ecosystem, providing a bridge for brands to effortlessly tap into the capabilities of Web3 technology. These specialized ERC-20 tokens offer a direct channel for brands to automate benefits and incentives, thus making Web3 easily accessible for business enterprises.

Web Evolution

Beyond mere tokens, Brand-Tokens essentially embody real-world buying power for a specific brand, elevating them to the status of Real World Assets. This tangible value linkage presents an innovative way for brands to interact with their customer base in a more fluid and meaningful manner.

One unique advantage of Brand-Tokens is their ability to act as a hedge against inflation for users. Because they are tethered to the buying power of specific products, and since the value of products typically rises with inflation, the intrinsic value of Brand-Tokens also appreciates. Consequently, by holding an array of Brand-Tokens from different companies, users can effectively shield themselves from the adverse effects of economic inflation.

The possibilities for Brand-Token utility are virtually endless.

These tokens can be purposed as traditional loyalty points or even redeemed for specific goods and services, such as a new pair of shoes or exclusive access to events. They can also be used to purchase NFTs issued by popular brands, adding another layer of interaction between consumers and companies.

Several well-known brands have already ventured into the world of Web3 including Lacoste, Yves Saint Laurent, and Monoprix. The question is not whether more brands will join but rather, which brand will be next to seize this transformative opportunity.

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