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Shoot. Shaaare.
Get Rewards.

Shaaare is a 4 years of R&D platform that integrates blockchain and AI technologies, designed to automatically reward creators for generating high-quality and brand-related content.

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Instant Rewards for Quality Content

Capture Your Best Moments.
Share Your Finest Experiences, Emotions, Looks, Places, and Brands.

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Smart Scoring.
AI evaluates your content, assigning a dynamic score between 1 and 100.

Get Rewards.
Earn XKO cryptocurrency today and anticipate exclusive partnerships with leading brands in the near future.

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How does it work?

Discover the Magic Behind the Screen

AI Analyzes Your Content and Rewards You

If a piece of content scores 25 or above, it qualifies for publication on the platform, and the creator is rewarded with XKO.

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Shaaare With Your Friends

A vibrant platform where you can share everything, explore your friends' posts, and celebrate their victories together. Dive into a world of endless sharing and rewards!

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Get Brands Token

These tokens can be purposed as traditional loyalty points or even redeemed for specific goods and services, such as a new pair of shoes or exclusive access to events.

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XKO Token

XKO Token: A New Era of Digital Assets

Unveil the Essence of Shaaare's Internal Cryptocurrency

What is XKO?

The XKO Token serves as the financial vehicle for all financial activities within the Shaaare ecosystem. It acts as the financial conduit that connects all Brand-Tokens, effectively capturing their value. This makes XKO not just a cryptocurrency, but an integral part of Shaaare's economical design.

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XKO Allocation

50% Burned
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23% DEX & CEX Liquidity
10% Initial Coin Offering
10% Team and Early Investors
3% Creators Fund
2% Climate Fund
2% Communication and Marketing
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Journey Ahead

Embark on Shaaare's strategic voyage, charting milestones and future advancements.

Smartness Established
Launch of the technology firm aiming at innovation.
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Ko Social Network v0.1.0 Launch
Initial release of our interactive social platform.
Ko Social Network v1.0.0 Release

Ko Social Network v1.2.0 Release

Funding from Love Money Investors
Boost for development and expansion.
XKO v1 Launch
Introduction of XKO, our platform's cryptocurrency.

Meta Transaction Implementation
Simplified user transactions.

Ko Social Network v1.5.0 Release

SAFE Investors Partnership
Funding secured for expansion.

XKO v2 Launch
Upgrade of XKO cryptocurrency with enhanced features.
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Private Sale Round 1
XKO priced at $0.0005, attracting initial investors.

Ko Social Network v1.8.0 Release

Private Sale Round 2
Increased XKO value to $0.00075, indicating growing investor confidence.
CES World Premiere
Ko Social Network's global introduction.
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Ko Social Network v2.1.0 Release

Transition to Shaaare
Completes rebranding.

JEI Certification
Young Innovative Company Earned in France.
Shaaare v1.0.0 Launch
Official platform release.
App Store and Google Play Release
Shaaare becomes available on iOS and Android, expanding its reach.
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First User Acquisition
Successful initial engagement and growth of the user base.
XKO Presale limited to $200K (20% discount)
Pricing at $0.0008, marking the start of the funding phase. Get ready for exclusive access! The Shaaare Whitelisted Presale offers a unique opportunity for our early supporters to join the project with a 20% discount.
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XKO ICO (Initial Coin Offering) 9.5% of XKO tokens
Price escalation to $0.001 to widen investor engagement. ICOs allow startups to sell cryptocurrency tokens to investors.

DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Implementation
Introduction of a DEX for XKO, enabling secure, peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a central authority.

Leaderboard Feature Deployment
Integration of a new social ranking functionality to enhance user engagement.
CEX (Centralized Exchange) Implementation
Increase liquidity and accessibility for Token XKO, unlocking new opportunities for our community. Centralized exchanges provide a larger audience, fostering wider adoption of Shaaare

AI Video Analysis
Implementation of AI technology to analyze and evaluate video content, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Profile Feature Release
New user profile capabilities in the app.

User Growth
Expansion of the user base through strategic marketing and engagement.

Community Building
Strengthening the community around the platform through interactive features and initiatives.
Brand Partnerships
Strategic partnerships with leading brands that share our vision. These collaborations will introduce unique opportunities, exclusive content, and innovative experiences to our community.

Brand Tokens
Launching tokens specific to brands, offering unique rewards and incentives for users.
Continuous Improvement
Ongoing refinement of platform performance and user experience.

Feature Expansion
Introduction of new functionalities and enhancements.

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